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Cannabis is simply on a roll nowadays. Wherever you go in Canada and other states all over North America, cannabis use and cultivation has been on the rise. And because of this rapid growth in the industry, there are more variants and strains of cannabis now than there has ever been before. Today, it is easier for you to buy autoflower seeds in Canada than it was several years ago.

As Canada is set to dominate the marijuana market in a few years, competition in the cannabis cultivation industry will only look to increase. That said, you need to find your edge if you want to stand out in an increasingly competitive playing field. One of the best ways of doing so is to use autoflower seeds from Canada.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?


Autoflowering cannabis seeds are those that eventually grow up into autoflowering marijuana. These are cannabis plants that will transition from the vegetative state to the flowering phase without relying on the photoperiod. 

In other words, even if they do not get the light schedules or photoexposure that regular cannabis seeds get, they will still flower. Age is the only factor that determines when they will flower. As soon as they reach a certain age, they will automatically flower.


Autoflowering cannabis seeds got this trait from the less popular third species of cannabis called ruderalis. This variety of cannabis originated from the harsh northern regions that tends to be too cold for any other species of marijuana to survive. However, hundreds or even thousands of years of adaptation has allowed these plants to evolve and turned their bad situation into an advantage.

Since cannabis ruderalis did not have much access to sunlight like other types of plants all over the world have. They have developed the ability to enter the flowering phase regardless whether they have met the required hours of sunlight or not. That means, when they get to a certain age, they will autoflower on their own.

As good as cannabis ruderalis is, they are pale in comparison to indicas and sativas when it comes down to its recreational and medicinal use. In other words, they had almost no practical value. But things changed when their genetics were spliced with other regular cannabis plants.

When the Joint Doctor used a cannabis ruderalis plant he called Mexican Rudy to create Lowryder. The very first true autoflowering cannabis strain was born. From then on, many other new autoflowering strains began to sprout from the market. By combining regular strains with the genetics of the ruderalis plant. We now have hundreds of autoflowering variants of cannabis.

Why Choose Autoflower Seeds?

  • They will automatically flower

This is usually the first reason why breeders and growers prefer using autoflower seeds rather than regular seeds. If you want your regular plants to move from vegetative state to the flowering phase. You need to monitor the light hours they get exposed to. That means it will be a hassle on your part especially if your indoor grow lights have no timers or automatic settings. That is where autoflower seeds come in.

Regardless of whether they have met the photoperiod required by regular seeds or not , autoflower seeds will always flower. Age is the only determinant for them to flower. So, when they get to a certain age or size, they will transition to the flowering phase. That is true even if you leave the lights on 24/7.

  • They are generally easier to grow

Besides the fact that you no longer have to monitor their light and dark hours. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are generally easier to grow because of several traits they have that allow them to thrive well in almost any kind of situation or environment. Thousands of years of adaptation to harsh climates made these plants hardy, resilient, and resistant to a lot of adverse effects such are molds, pests, mildew, and some diseases related to cold weather.  Due to these reasons they became easier to grow.

  • They grow faster

By now, you already know that cannabis ruderalis is native to areas with harsh weather and extremely cold winters. In anticipation, they developed the ability to flower quicky to avoid dying off during the winter season. So, autoflower seeds tend to grow rather quickly and are generally ready to harvest in only seven to nine weeks after seed germination.  When your cannabis seeds grow fast, you can also expect to have more harvests in a single year. More harvests equal to more profits.

  • They are the ideal stealth plants

While cannabis use and cultivation might be legal in Canada, you cannot help but still try avoiding judgmental eyes around your neighborhood. Marijuana is still growing in terms of social acceptance. Reason why you may want to grow strains that are particularly small and generally easier to hide. Autoflower seeds will answer this problem.

Autoflower seeds grow to be plants that are much smaller than regular cannabis. That means that, even if you grow them indoors or outdoors, they tend to be very stealthy plants that do well in hiding by themselves.

  • They do not take up a lot of space

As mentioned, autoflowering cannabis plants are much smaller than regular strains. In that sense, you do not need a lot of space to grow them. You will also be able to grow more of these strain per square foot than you can with regular cannabis plants.

Why Buy your Autoflower Seeds in Canada?

By now, you should already be interested in autoflowering seeds. So let us go to the meat of why you should get them in Canada.

  • It is completely legal to buy them in Canada

This is the best reason why you should get your autoflower seeds in Canada. Like any other cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds can be purchased in Canada without fearing the possibility of facing legal problems. As long as you purchase  from a licensed seller. In other words, you can get away from the problem that has plagued cannabis growers and enthusiasts over the last century. If you go to Canada to purchase your autoflower seeds.

  • You will be able to shop around the store

Another reason why you should go to a licensed store in Canada to buy your weed and your autoflower seeds is. You can actually see the wares themselves and shop around. You can see samples of the strains and the seeds themselves while also learning from the store the best ways to grow those seeds under different conditions. In all honesty, its like shopping for clothes in an actual store versus shopping in an online shop.

  • You can inspect the seeds

Going to a physical cannabis store in Canada also means you can check the seeds out yourself. While licensed stores that sell cannabis seeds are more likely reputable enough to sell autoflower seeds that will germinate. It still pays to be safe. That said, you can check the seeds and inspect for elements that would point out whether they will germinate or not. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • It is convenient

Though Canada does not have a lot of shops that are licensed to sell weed as of this moment. The country is still planning to give out hundreds of licenses per city. That means you will probably see cannabis seed stores in every corner of the city in a few years. If that is the case, then it will be more convenient for you to buy your autoflower seeds in Canada. As you just simply have to set your foot out of the house and walk a few steps to get to the nearest cannabis seed store.

Also, buying your autoflower seeds in Canada means that you no longer have to wait for them to arrive. All you need to do is to go to the store, pick out your favourite autoflower seeds, and pay for them without having to wait for days for them to arrive at your doorstep. It is simply easy and convenient.

  • The seeds are high-quality

For businesses to be able to secure licenses to sell autoflower seeds in Canada. They must be able to meet certain standards set by the government. Quality is one of those standards. In that sense, you can be sure that when you buy autoflower seeds in Canada. They are high-quality and will germinate. They should turn out to be healthy and thriving cannabis plants.

  • There is no better place to buy your seeds

Finally, the truth is, there is no better place for you to buy your autoflower seeds! If you are living in North America or Canada and are looking for ways to get autoflowering cannabis seeds. Then you no longer have to travel far or go online to order the seeds because Canada has made it easier for you to purchase them. The best part is you are getting seeds at a good and reasonable price while making sure they are of top quality.