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This is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginner growers nowadays – Can Autoflowers grow under 12/12 ? The answer is YES! There are still a number of growers that still grow their autoflowering Marijuana plants under a 12/12 light schedule during and before the flowering stages of its life. This is totally ok to do and surely your Autoflowers will still thrive and produce a fair yield. Just take note and always remember that the buds you develop under this 12 hour light cycle would be significantly smaller and looser than those set for 18 to 24 hours of exposure to light. But overall, you will still surely have a good harvest with yields of some medium to high-quality buds.

When Can You Grow Autoflowers under 12/12 light Cycle ?

Here we will be showing you a few of the reasons why growers still use the 12/12 light cycle in growing their Autoflowering marijuana plants:

  • Outdoor Growing – When you are growing Autoflowers outdoors when the natural light schedules are at a 12/12 cycle. Take note that this will not drastically affect your plant’s overall growth but will only be affecting the bud development capacity of the plant when the flowering stage has started. Your Marijuana plant may not be able to produce those firm and large nugs that you are always longing for but instead, produce noticeably smaller and larfier buds.
  • High temperatures – If you live in a climate that has warm summers then you may want to use grow lights when growing your autoflowers at night and do a 12/12 light cycle indoors when the sun is down and there are cooler temperatures. You can still use a 12 hour light schedule at night and allow the plant to take in the sun during the day.
  • Lower Costs– If you are growing your Autoflowers on a tight budget and power costs are becoming something that is over and beyond from what was allocated in the first place then you can definitely use the 12/12 light cycle to reduce power costs. You can also do a 12 hour indoor with grow lights and 12 hours outdoor under the sun but one effect of this is that the plant may be subjected to external factors when doing the transfer and may cause issues.
  • Bad Genetics – If you are unlucky enough to be growing an Autoflower with bad genes and do not engage in flowering automatically then you can try this out and do an Autoflower switch to 12/12 and see if this induces the Marijuana plant to start its flowering phase. Make sure to do this when your plant is fully matured.

What is the Best Light Schedule for Autoflowers?

Every grower has their own preferences and concepts on what the best light schedules are for their Autoflowering plants. Here are the suggestions we have for you for the right mix of the best light schedules that won’t burn off your budgets as well in terms of electricity costs but will surely give you a good return with that fully developed buds we are looking for.

  • 12/12 Light Cycle from Seeds through the Vegetative stage.
  • 18/6 or 24/0 Light cycle during Flowering until Harvest.

The light cycles that are highly recommended by seasoned growers is by using the 12/12 light cycle from seeds and all the way through the vegetative phase and increasing to 18-24 hours of light a day during the flowering stage to ensure you get those firm and large nugs you are looking for.