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It would be incredibly disappointing if your feminized pots got sick after all your hard work and commitment. It’s very real and normal on weeds that are poorly fed and fertilized. Calcium deficiency in cannabis happens either in the soil or in water. You must always be cautious in doing the prescribed scheme that suits the plant’s needs, which all should be indicated on the labels. Do not overdo or under-do it.

What Is Calcium Deficiency in Cannabis?

Like humans, we have a required set of nutrients needed to grow and to perform specific bodily functions. One of the most abundant minerals in the body is Calcium. This gives our bones a rigid structure and surprisingly the same is true for. Calcium deficiency Marijuana can cause the stems to weaken and bend easily. Few symptoms of calcium deficiency are crinkling, curled tips, brown spots, dark green leaves, leaves die off and spotting.

What Can I do to Stop Cannabis Calcium Deficiency?

One thing you can adjust to stop the symptoms from ruining your crops is the PH level. PH is the best growth parameter and it also affects the absorptive capacity of nutrients in the body, which should indicate how fast they will be absorbed. For weed growing hydroponically, you should maintain the pH at least 6.2-7.0 while for those pots that are soil-grown an optimum level from 6.2-7.0 is also advisable. If you can notice, the aforesaid ranges both start with 6.2; it is because that calcium is best absorbed by the plant if it’s in a solution of 6.2 above.

Can I Provide Nutrient Supplements to My Sick Weed?

Yes, you can. In fact, there’s a lot of people who do this nowadays. For serious Marijuana Growers, you can try some variants of synthetic vitamins and see if it really works. For soil growers especially, supplements are now more famous than ever because of its usage by the high family ranks. Calcium- Magnesium, a.k.a Cal-Mag, can sell under different names like Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus or Dolomite Lime. An organic compound that helps with your calcium deficiency needs by supplying both your calcium and magnesium as they support and enhance the absorptive capacity of one another.

There are plenty of other techniques that are dependable when any type of sickness hits but one can always try and prevent them on your cannabis plants by simply giving their sunlight, water and fertilizer in comfortable surroundings. Good luck!