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Buying cannabis seeds online offers myriads of advantages. Firstly, it’s one of the most convenient ways of obtaining seeds. Secondly, there’s no need for you to go out, drive around town or wait for your turn to be accommodated at your local dispensary. 

These are just two of the main reasons why many people opt to buy seeds on the web instead of going to local cannabis shops. However, it is important to note that buying seeds online also has some drawbacks. If you’re not careful enough, you might end up paying for a product that won’t even arrive at your doorstep. Or worse, you could end up paying a huge amount of penalties because you bought the weed illegally. 

For you to avoid these pitfalls and protect yourself from harm brought about by buying Cannabis seeds over the Internet. It’s wise for you to take a look at our 6 Technical Issues that you may Encounter when Buying Cannabis Seeds Online. The next time you’ll buy seeds online. You’ll feel much safer and secure if you think about these things.

Fake Websites  #1

One of the most common problems of online shopping is the countless fake websites that can be found online. There have been a lot of reports made by customers all over the world who purchased cannabis seeds from particular websites, only to find out that they have been scammed. 

Before you trust any website or online cannabis dispensary. It’s wise that you double-check its reputation and legitimacy first. Be 100% sure that the website is indeed run by legitimate people who are selling real products and or services. Checking the background history of the website is also crucial before you start trusting them. 

The best way for you to determine whether or not a particular website is fake or real is by reading reviews and testimonials. It’s wise that you don’t just check testimonials that are found on the website itself but go for third-party sites. Joining online forums or communities where cannabis enthusiasts gather and share their experiences of buying cannabis seeds on the internet is a very good idea. 

#2   Late Response

Another technical issue that you may encounter when buying cannabis seeds online is. A late response from the seller or online shops. If you’re buying from another country that has a different time zone, then don’t expect an immediate reply from the supplier or dispensary. This means that you must wait for them perhaps a half day. 

You’ll also notice that there are online cannabis stores or shops that don’t have enough representatives. Not all of them have the manpower to respond to multiple queries. Be always patient when buying cannabis seeds online.

 Slow Internet Connection  #3

Since you can’t touch, feel, smell, and hold the product when buying online.  Almost all websites post high-definition photos of their cannabis products. Now, if you have a very slow internet connection, then expect the website to load slowly. You’ll also notice that some photos won’t load properly. 

It’s wise that you check your Internet connection first before visiting any cannabis dispensary. You might not know that you have already skipped their best-selling weed just because the images or the product was not able to load properly. 

You should also make sure that you don’t make a payment online if you have an unstable Internet connection. There’s a chance that your transaction will be doubled or will not push through if your connection is not stable. 

  #4  Late Delivery Time

You can’t expect your cannabis seeds to be delivered right in front of your doorstep an hour after submitting your order. Typically, buying cannabis seeds online means that you have to wait for 2 to 5 days before you will receive the item. Of course, this heavily depends on the shipping company.

Be aware as well that there are online cannabis stores that don’t respond quickly to your order and so you have to wait a day before the order starts getting processed – add this to the delivery time. What you can do is ask the online cannabis company about when you can expect the product to arrive at your location. 

Reading reviews and checking out the ratings of their delivery services is also a good idea. Choose only those online cannabis stores that are known to deliver their products in the soonest time possible. 

Poor Customer Care Service  #5

Believe it or not, there are online cannabis stores out there that don’t value customer care service. You should avoid these kinds of companies and make sure that you give them a call first before you start to order. And while you’re talking to the phone with the representative, make sure that you stay observant and find out if they are friendly.

Stay away from those companies or online cannabis shops that don’t treat their customers very well – this should speak as well on how they handle their products. Remember that the best online cannabis seeds banks are those that know how to answer their customers correctly and politely.

#6  Personal Privacy

If you’re buying something online, you are also divulging your personal information to people or companies that you do not know. You have to be very careful when giving out your personal information on the Internet. Make sure that you stay alert and discern whether or not a particular store is trustworthy. 

You should also be very careful when it comes to giving out your credit card information. Be sure that you check your bank after making a purchase. Trust only those online seed banks that have secured payment methods. 


You might face these technical issues, but now that you know how they work and how to avoid them. Buying cannabis seeds online should not be as scary. Just remember to verify the background of the company and gather as much information as you can about them and the products and or services they are offering. Enjoy buying cannabis seeds online and don’t forget to ask for tips or recommendations from the people you trust most