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Buying feminized marijuana seeds in bulk while saving money is possible. But knowing what to look for is crucial. You should find reputable seedbanks that sell quality seeds at a reasonable price. Visiting just any cannabis seed dealer will usually overcharge and give you low-quality seeds.

How can you save money and avoid scammers when you buy bulk feminized marijuana seeds? Let us show you with 10 wise tips when buying large amounts of cannabis starter materials.

  • Consider online seed banks

Cannabis seed sold online offers a cheaper rate than physical stores. Brick-and-mortar seed banks need to pay for monthly overhead and expenditures. These costs find their way to the seeds they sell.

Online seed banks do not have to worry about these types of expenses. They do not have a storefront to maintain or to pay for employees to watch over the counter. This is why they are flexible in terms of how much they can charge for their seeds.

  • Avoid classified ads sellers

When buying seeds online, avoid anyone selling it through classified ads or even social media pages. These sellers may coax their victims with incredibly cheap seeds, but cannot guarantee the quality of seeds they sell. Many will just take your money and run away with it when you cleared the payment.

  • Ask for recommendations

Other cultivators have been buying large amounts of cannabis seeds for different uses. You can ask them where you can get the best deal when buying feminized seeds in bulk. These people can be friends or relatives who have been breeding marijuana plants. You can also search for marijuana forums or social media groups to find someone who can give you recommendations.

  • Buy a few seeds first

If you are not sure how trustworthy an online seed bank is, buy a few on your initial order. This will help limit the risks that come with bulk feminized marijuana seeds that are purchased online. Anyway, you can always buy more once you have proven the seller’s authenticity.

  • Look for bulk order discounts

One of the promotions to look out for among seed banks are bulk discounts. Seed shops often provide discounts on clearance seeds. Otherwise, consider looking for wholesale packages as well. These are also discount available if you are buying around 100 seeds in one order.

Remember that not all seed banks offer the same prices for specific kinds of feminized seeds. Always check how much other online stores are offering. You may see large differences in prizes among different seedbanks for the same kind of strain.

  • Check for free shipping

Always look for online seed banks that are offering free shipping. Many of these shops are willing to send your orders to you free if you meet the minimum order value. When it comes to bulk buying, you are very likely to go past the minimum value for the free shipping promo. Having the delivery fee removed from your checkout cart is still significantly worth it.

While talking about free offers, consider looking for seed banks that are also offering free seeds. Certain shops giveaway seeds if your orders reach a certain value, much like their free shipping offer. While the free seeds may not seem like the kind you are looking for, having even more around might still be of value to you. In fact, popular seed banks give away seeds for Cannabis Cup winning strains.

  • Use a secure payment method

Avoid sellers that only let you pay with money transfer or cryptocurrency. Scammers often use these two payment options to swindle the victims of their cash. Anyone can use a fake ID to claim your payment through any money transfer branches. At the same time, scammers can pass your cryptocurrency payments across different crypto wallets to make it untracable.

You want to make sure that you are using any payment options that provide buyer protection. These options include credit card and e-payment companies. If your order did not go through, any of the secured payment options will help retrieve your money.

  • Discounts for certain payment options

Some seed banks may actually offer discounts if you pay through a specific payment option such as wire transfers or Bitcoin. The discount often ranges around 10 to 20 percent per order, which is incredibly high considering that you are buying with a wholesale price.

As mentioned above, Bitcoin or any kind of cryptocurrency payment has its risks. On the other hand, this kind of payment option is cheaper than paying with credit cards or e-payment options due to the lack of processing fees. If you are interested in a certain seed bank’s offer, make sure to check on their reputation by reading the customer feedbacks or from people in the cannabis community.

  • Check for a return or refund policy

Legitimate seed banks value their reputation as much as their bottom line. This is why nearly all of them offer to resend your orders if something happens to it during delivery. Not every seed bank has the same return policy. Some companies require you to contact their customer service within a week upon receiving your order to get a refund. Others might be lenient enough, allowing a two-week timeframe to their customer support to return any damaged orders.

Take note that returns or refund are only for damaged packages that could have a significant effect on your seeds. Most seed banks will not refund you for seeds that will not germinate. However, companies that have a return policy are usually trustworthy enough to send you mature feminized seeds that have a good chance of sprouting.

  • Sign up for loyalty programs

One way for seed banks to encourage return customers is through a loyalty program that gives you points each time you buy. You can turn these points into discounts or other prizes that the seed bank has to offer. These points accumulate through each of your orders as long as your account is active. Because you are buying a large number of feminized seeds, the points you can get from loyalty programs are significantly high. You will likely save in the long run if you are buying from one feminized seed dealer.


You should have some idea on how you save money when buying bulk-feminized seeds for your garden. This also includes knowing which sellers to avoid. Always take the time to know who you are buying your seeds from before making a purchase.

Buying large amounts of feminized seeds are a great way to make sure that your garden is full of female plants that produce high inducing or CBD rich buds.