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The Bubblegum seed is one of the old favorites among many cannabis users. The relaxing euphoric high boost your mood while it slowly turns your muscles into goo. The sweet flavor of the strain also matches its name.

Are Bubblegum feminized marijuana seeds worth cultivating at your home? Lets take a close look at the different aspect of the indica leaning strain.

Bubblegum Feminized Seeds Background

The Bubblegum strain originally came from Indiana in the US. The strain had a notable aroma of sweet floral earth. It is similar to stick of gums or the ones that came with collectible cards. The breeders continued developing the strain in New England. When they got help from Holland to grow houses, the cultivators managed to get the right kind of bubblegum taste. They were also able to produce the aroma from the strain and its cerebral effect.

The popularity of the Bubblegum blew up upon its launch in 1993 because of its flavor and effect. In 1995, the strain took second place in two High Times Cannabis Cup categories. Bubblegum’s popularity continues as it wins first place of the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup award 2005. It aslo won second place of the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2007. As Seth Rogen would say about marijuana “Let’s be blunt, it’s good”. The multiple awards simply show that people love Bubblegum for a number of reasons.

Aroma and Flavor

True to its name, the Bubblegum smells like a popular stick of gum. The bud bears a distinct sweet flowery smell with the mix of earth and tropical fruits. Smoking the buds intensifies its sugary fruit fragrance. Bubblegum’s smoke leaves behind a creamy fruit profile in your mouth.


The effects of the Bubblegum are a balanced type of high. It carries the traits of both sativa and indica strains. Upon smoking the Bubblegum, you are hit by a cerebral high that elevates your mood. At the same time, the indica nature of the strain works accross your body by soothing all tense muscles. You will soon feel your body become heavy as your mind becomes drowsy.

You will feel calm, collected and incredibly happy throughout the first few hours of the effect. During this time, you will feel an increase in your creativity levels. As if it opens the window to your wildest imagination.

The overall effect of the Bubblegum is great for the evening or after work. Its balanced relaxant and euphoric high can help take the edge off after a hard day at work. If you take a moderate amount of the strain, you can make full use of it to enjoy the afternoon before the indica part kicks in.

Medical Uses

The powerful relaxant effect of the Bubblegum is great for taking down insomnia. Smoking the strain will soothe your nerves and muscles to help calm them down at night. The strain also encourages your mind to enter the REM state of sleep so you can fully relax throughout the evening.

Bubblegum also has a small amount of CBD that is up to 0.2 percent. This makes strain efficient at treating chronic aches or neuropathic pain like fibromyalgia. It can even help ease arthritis skeletal pains temporarily. By easing the pain, Bubblegum can further help you relax and get a full night of sleep.

Another use of the strain is its effect on your appetite. As delicious as the name of the Bubblegum, you will gain a strong craving for anything in your fridge after smoking the strain. In addition, Bubblegum will help ease any nausea you are feeling due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This can normalize your gastric intestinal function so you can enjoy food as normal. Bringing back your appetite when going through various treatment can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Plant Trait

Bubblegum marijuana seeds favor warm and dry climates of the south. If you are cultivating the strain in a cold part of the world, you may want to consider indoor cultivation. This lets you provide the plants with an environment that is suitable for them.

Plants of the Bubblegum strain are incredibly resilient against pests, diseases, and even physical damages. It can take some effort to stress out the plant. However, they are susceptible to mold. You will need to keep an eye out on the humidity rating of the plants throughout their growth cycle. This includes the flowering stage since their buds are susceptible to mold growth.

It is important to note that you will be having an easy time producing a large batch of the strain with Bubblegum feminized marijuana seeds. The genetic structure of the plant guarantees you that the seed will become a bud-producing female instead of a male one. This does not mean that you cannot create more seeds out of the female plants. It is possible to create more feminized seeds among two plants by utilizing a colloidal silver substance or forcing one of the females to produce pollen.

Bubblegum plants have a flowering period of around eight to nine weeks. When you take care of them properly, they can produce an astounding yield rate of around 350 to 520 grams of buds per square meter.

The plant tends to grow up to 5 feet if left alone. You can control the height of the plant by topping or trimming the plant when needed. Low-stress training is also useful so you can get the most out of the Bubblegum’s bud production.


The effect and flavor of the Bubblegum strain make this a great addition to your garden. If you enjoy the smell of bubblegum, your garden will have the aroma of a candy store when the seeds grow into mature plants. Buying the feminized seeds of the Bubblegum will make it easy for you to produce a batch of the strain and avoiding male plants from popping up in your garden.