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Crossing Autoflower with Regular is not an overnight process. Moreso, It is a long journey with no guarantee of success. As a cannabis cultivator, you must be able to know the traits that you are looking for. Likewise, what undesirable traits that you would want to eliminate. And finally what traits have not been expressed in any cannabis strain you are searching for.

Benefits of Crossing Autoflower with Regular Seeds

  • Autoflowering strains tend to have characteristics that are dominance and recessiveness hence when it is paired with a regular strain these characteristics are carried to their offspring.
  • Breeding Autoflowers with regular seeds has the potential of bringing new contributions to the cannabis market and there is a possibility of creating strains that have better qualities than the strains available today.
  • It purifies, strengthens, and enhances the basic characteristics of a strain. Such is the number of yields, aroma, potency, and other physical attributes.
  • When you breed from an auto-flowering seed, you don’t have to change the light cycle allowing you to conserve energy.
  • Crossbreeding Autoflowering seeds and regular seeds is an innovation of cannabis advancement. This aims to manipulate the different traits and characteristics of these seeds. Working to come up with a more desirable seed.
  • It increases certain components that have been proven useful in everyday living. Such is cannabinoids CBD used in the medical field today.
  • Crossing aims to create new strains that suit different environments and have great adaptability to different conditions.

Steps in Breeding Autoflowers and a Regular Seeds (How to Breed Autoflowers)

  • Choose a regular cannabis strain and your chosen Autoflowering variety. Then, make sure that one seed is a female and the other is a male seed. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter who supplies the pollen.
  • After deciding on the strain types that you would want to breed together. Separate the female seeds from the male seeds. To avoid having unknown genetics, make sure that no pollen from the male seed makes it to the female seed.
  • After separating male from female seeds, wait for the male seeds to pollinate. The pollen sacs should look mature and fully developed. Store these pollen sacs inside a clean ziplock. When you notice that the female seeds show white pistils, it means that it has also been pollinated.
  • Take the ziplock full of pollinated male seeds and place it over to the stem female seed pistils. Make sure to seal the ziplock and carefully shake the bag to cover other pistils with pollen and wait for 2 hours before removing it.
  • After 2 hours, you may now remove the seeds from the ziplock and place it in a cool dry place where it can start to form for a few weeks.
  • It is now starting to plant your newly formed breed of an Autoflowering and regular seed. So, it is best to keep records of how fast or slow the growth process is, how long is the flowering stage, how fast the buds develop, etc to know how their offspring turns out.

Quality Traits To Look For in A Strain When Breeding


This is the starting point that determines the end quality of the combination of 2 or more strains. It is where you can check if the chosen strain has the potential to become a great breeding partner. As a result, genes determine the buds’ potency, effects, flavor, aroma, physical appearance, etc.

Growing pattern

This trait pertains to what kind of yield to expect based on the duration of the growth cycle. It also pertains to your overall observation of the growth of the cannabis plant, based on its height, body structure, and how efficient the cannabis plant is during its life cycle.

Physical Attributes

This trait pertains to how the cannabinoids THC and CBD level affects the strain potency, aesthetics, color, smell, and effects. When considering this trait in choosing a good strain to breed make sure to focus on each attribute and how it affects you not just by focusing on one single attribute.


It is important to take into consideration that the strain that you opt to breed has the ability to resist damaging pests and plant diseases that may affect your yield. Durability also pertains to the sturdiness of your cannabis plant to some factors and on how it can withstand cold and hot temperatures.


Because of the hard competition in the cannabis market, coming up with a high producing strain is one of the major goals of crossing genes.

Crossbreeding an auto-flower seed and a regular seed is a complicated process that needs to be executed properly, It entails lots of experimentation to come up with your desired trait. Breeding strains is not an overnight process, it is a long journey with no guarantee of success. Aside from experience, patience, perseverance and having sensory acuity is the tool.