Boron Deficiency- How to Cure your Feminized Marijuana Plants?

17Certain chemicals in cultivating cannabis plants could be very critical in telling how it will grow. Aside from the most important nutrients- N,P,K, (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) another uncommon chemical called Boron could be a culprit of this. It is rare but will affect your yield if you let it destroy your crops because more often than not, potassium or nitrogen deficiency follows along with it. Boron is a help-nutrient for your pot to fully utilize calcium deficiency that’s why the first function that it would affect is your weed’s growth rate, then it will extend to the extremities to your precious leaves.

What are the Symptoms of Boron Deficiency?

The leaf color would appear yellow brown to burnt brown. Other leaves exhibit pale colored leaves, some are with dark blue/purple with ‘spots’. The growth of your cannabis can also be slowed by the deficiency.

What Should I do to Prevent or Cure Boron Deficiency?

The absorptive capacity of a nutrient relies on what we pH or the measure of acidity or basicity of a solution. Soil grown weeds should have at least 6.0-7.0 pH level for boron to be absorbed efficiently while weeds that are grown hydroponically at least 5.5-6-2 pH levels should be attained. Potassium and nitrogen deficiency cannot also be reason of Boron deficiency since boron will not be properly absorbed without the two mentioned nutrients. Underwatered plants can also trigger this deficiency because with low moisture there will be no medium for those nutrients to be absorbed- hydroponically or soil grown. Low relative humidity (less than 25) can also trigger Boron deficiency and more so likely to happen reverse osmosis (OR), filtered water or purified water is used since Boron is very abundant in tap water.

If any symptoms pop up, try to cleanse your plant by first watering them. After a while, add your liquid fertilizers to ease their recovery. Using a pH pen, try to get the pH of the water then if it is off course, adjust it by using some chemicals- to lower the pH- use acids (sulfuric, nitric and phosphoric). To increase the pH use basic solutions (Hydroxides).

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