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Selecting only the best strains for hot humid climate is a crucial factor when growing Cannabis outdoors in the warmer regions of the world.

As resilient as the Cannabis plants are they can grow and thrive in a whole array of climates and conditions. But, there are Marijuana strains that thrive better than others when it comes to hot humid environments or tropical climates. Not all Cannabis strains prosper in warm climates especially in regions that are closer to the equator, however, there are varieties that not only thrive but yield better in hotter climates. Check out below and see our top 5 best strains to grow in hot humid climate.

5 Best Strains for Hot Humid Climate


Sour Diesel was created by California breeders under a warm sunny climate of the southwest coast. Afterwhich, it spreads internationally among cannabis communities, leaving satisfied consumers along its way. This is a strain coming from the Original Diesel, Shiva, Hawaiian and Northern Light. This is a Sativa dominant strain at 70% and 30% Indica. This strain delivers a powerful cerebral high. Sour Diesel buds are potent at 19% THC with ample levels of CBD. Sour diesel yields excellently at a maximum of 600 grams per plant if grown well.


This strain is another one of the best strains for hot humid climate USA West coast original. This originated from the hills of California and Oregon where there are extreme heat seasons. A strain bred from Oregon Blueberry plus the Northern Light. Blue Mystic acquired the best traits of its parents and produces the terpene profile of the Blueberry with the strong body high from its Indica roots. This strain is also potent at an 18% THC level brought about by the smoke with sweet hints of sugar Blue mystic yields at a maximum of 450 grams per plant.


Another one of the legendary strains that originated from Amsterdam. Amnesia Haze is a Sativa dominant Hybrid that is perfect for the sunny and relaxed lifestyle of south Europe. This breed originated from Jamaican and South Asian landrace strains provider her with the perfect attributes to be grown for hot humid climates. This has also garnered awards for extreme potency levels and super yields. Amnesia Haze yields at a maximum of 700 grams per plant when grown well. Plus, it brings about a sweet citrus flavor that will surely pack a punch. Since this is a Sative dominant strain, it may take longer to harvest but will surely bring in an excellent return that is worthwhile.


This strain can easily get through warm temperatures with no issues at all. Scorching summers and heat waves is something that will not worry about its growers due to its resiliency. The whole meaning of its name is Amnesia Mac Ganja and is known for having several awards. This heavy Sativa dominant will open the floodgates of your brain, squeezing out a good mood and a rush for a productive day. This is a highly recommended morning smoke as it is being compared to having 2 shots of espresso. When smoked you will experience some earthy spicy hints on every toke. AMG yields are recorded at a high of 600 grams when grown outside.


As the name implies, Fruit Spirit strain was developed for getting that flavor profile that will make its consumers crave. This is a Sativa strain with fierce exotic attributes that makes it thrive when grown outdoors in tropical regions. Fruit spirit is known for its strong cerebral effects that will surely take you on an experience. Also, because of it’s exotic features, this strain can spread it’s roots pretty well and can be a tough plant to tumble which is excellent if exposed to high winds and heavy rains. Fruit Spirit yields at about 525 grams per plant. This is easily one of the best outdoor strains for hot humid climate today.

Now, with these top 5 Best stains for hot humid climate, surely you will be able to pick out which you prefer as these ones are readily available from reputable seed banks today and they are quite popular frankly. So if you are living or growing in extreme climates, make sure you pick out the strains that are suited for your environment to ensure a fruitful harvest!