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In a growing cannabis plant, a strategic location may break or make the whole thing. It can maximize the plant’s potential for better produce. So before you even rush for online seed delivery, you have to study the whole picture first. Like what seed variant to buy, what method of growth to do and what is the best place to grow outdoor feminized weed.

What Should I Look for the Best Place to Grow Outdoor Feminized Weed?

Determining a location includes a lot of consideration in planning, and we’ll talk about it one by one. A secured place would mean a lot of peace of mind for you. Secure an area where not many people pass by and are curious. You can also mix your weeds among other plants so they can camouflage. As you know, when a person builds a wall, people would start to wonder what’s on the other side, and you wouldn’t like that.

The Heat from the Sun

When you plant your seedling on a pot or hydroponically, one of the most critical requirements is to thrive in the nourishing heat of the sun. It is recommended that the pots are directly placed under the heat as this helps them grow faster. A word of caution though, heat stress is very common especially when it’s summer, so try to be flexible and make your pots modular enough so you can move it around under a shade or under the rain.

Soil & pH levels

Good soil will kick start your growing weed. After you plant your seedling, you have to help the soil nourish this by putting some fertilizers. In addition, you can tell that the soil is good enough. If it has a good pH level of 5.0 to 6.0 depending on the strain. Also, the area should drain well enough. pH is an integral part of the equation. As this helps the plant absorb the nutrition from the ground. Lower pH means low absorptive capacity and more often than not, this scenario produces more male plants.

Air & Humidity

Air circulation is crucial. The reason why, your plants should have an ample amount of space for the air to move around as this affects relative humidity. This affects the growth rate of your plant. The lower the relative humidity, the slower their growth.

Soil grown marijuana can be challenging and thrilling at the same time, so you really have to pick a good spot that would make your life easier. In your backyard perhaps, but try to be a little more discreet! You don’t want cops at your house at any time, right?

Good luck!