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Indica strains are particularly preferred by marijuana connoisseurs from all over the world because of their distinct physical effects. If you consider yourself a fan of strains from the Indica variety, you are surely up for this post. Let us consider the top 10 feminized Indica marijuana strains that have gained popularity these days.

This is the list of the Top 10 Best Indica Marijuana Strains

1. Purple Kush

The Purple Kush strain is often considered as among the most powerful varieties under the Indica category. It contains a huge THC level of 27%. It is a strain that is easy to grow, perfect for beginners, as well as seasoned cultivators of cannabis. This strain produces sinister, dark leaves which further adds to the amazing appeal of this strain. It is slightly peppery, though giving these plants a slow cure can further develop a pleasant sweet flavor.

2. Strawberry Banana

Strawberry banana is one of the strains that made it big in 2018. The reason? Its potency and flavour. In fact, it reached a test on THC content ranging from 22 to 26%. As fruity as it sounds, this strain is a sweet Indica dominant hybrid which is quite big for an Indica variety. For this reason, there may be a need to train or top it off to control its height. It also offers a nice and relaxing high at the end

3. Northern Lights XL

No doubt, Northern Lights is one of the legendary cannabis strains ever created. It features powerful genetics, stabilized, to make a new variety. The Northern Lights XL. This plant is loved by growers due to its short flowering time, and capacity to produce huge yields. With an amazing final product. It is easy to grow, making this a good choice among novice growers. As good as well for seasoned growers who want to produce high-quality strains.

4. Dark Star

Named after a Grateful Dead song. This strain contains over 20% THC, with sweet purple buds. It is a pure Indica variety that grows stocky and stout. It is a compact strain perfect for indoor growing. While the outdoor growing of this strain is possible, it prefers a dry climate and It flowers between 9 to 10 weeks.

5. White Cheese

This Indica dominant hybrid of Super Skunk and a landrace Afghani is loved by smokers due to its amazing effects. Growers also prefer this strain because of its huge yields and short flowering time. White Cheese offers an average THC content of around 17%. Providing a very powerful sedative effect, along with a happy, relaxed high, that doesn’t knock you off your senses. In fact, it can still leave you with enough concentration and focus to deal with your tasks.

6. Sunset Sherbert

This strain is among the most popular Indica dominant varieties. With THC content level tests reaching up to 20%. These plants are bushy, responding really well to training and topping. Thes seedling of this grows fast, turning a bright magenta to purple colour during the flowering phase. This Indica strain is fairly mould-resistant. Perfect for indoor, as well as moderate outdoor climates. This strain is the ideal choice for cannabis fanatics who are flavour oriented.

7. Candy Caramelo

If you are searching for a strain that is easy to grow while producing huge harvests within just 50 days. Then Candy Caramelo is a good strain of choice. It flourishes very well in an outdoor environment, particularly in warmer locations. The buds that it produces are exceptional. They are dense and elongated and usually feature a distinct candy-like smell that is fresh, sweet and filled with subtle notes of caramel. This strain offers a good THC content at 16%, producing really mellow effects.

8. Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is a complex hybrid between Lemon Thai, Chemdawg and Pakistani Kush. Growers prefer this as well as marijuana connoisseurs due to its powerful genetics, calming effects and high yields, as well as a short flowering time. If you are searching for a strain that can help you reap huge yields, then this is a recommended strain. The buds produced by this strain are thick, long and filled with sticky and frosty trichomes.

9. Money Maker

This hybrid comes from an Indica dominant variety. The plants produce minty light-green nuggets which yield extraordinarily heavy output. This strain can be cultivated in almost all types of setups, both indoors and outdoors. The resin-soaked nuggets show dominant Indica characteristics across all phenotypes. The aroma is also nutty, with a combination of fruitcake and pungent garlic.

10. Afgooey

Afgooey is a legendary strain from the West Coast. It is a super couch-lock variety that is easy to grow from seedlings. The strain is ideal for growing outdoors, growing like a bush. The smoke gives a high that hits fast and all-over. This heavy Indica strain is also a perfect choice if you are looking for an option for relaxation and sleep. As suggested by its name, this strain is very gooey, thanks to its thick and resinous Indica buds.


Indica cannabis plants are popular for their bushy and short stature. They are also well-reputed for their capacity to produce a physical body high, which is amazing for both meditation and relaxation. Whether you are trying to grow your own plants or use for your personal needs, identifying the top feminized indica marijuana strains is a perfect place to start.