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The cannabis industry is booming becoming it versatile in the field of medicine and even for recreation. All strains may have similarities when it comes to its effects but they are not created equal. There are over a thousand cannabis strains that divide into categories. In this article, we’ll know more about the top ten best cannabis seeds & cannabis strains and how they contributed to the cannabis evolvement.

Northern Lights #1

Known as the celebrity strain because of its popularity. Has an Afghani descendant that is a pure Indica. This favours novices and beginners because of its resiliency to moulds, diesel. Its potency is due to its crystal-like coatings from its heavy resin buds. It has a distinct flavour and aroma of spicy saccharin with hints of pine and citrus.

Suited to be grown outdoors. It would take at least 6-8 weeks for it to enter the flowering stage. This cannabis strain concentrates on the quality rather than the quantity it produces. With just two hits, except that this strain is fast-acting. You’ll feel instant numbness throughout your body with a laziness vibe after a long, tiring day.

A perfect strain for inducing appetite especially for those who lose appetite due to anxiety and depression.

White Widow #2

A dominant Sativa strain that has been there since the ’90s As implied by its name, a white solid nug with long-stalked trichomes that is whitish-gray. Its appearance is intense and looks like horror with ammonia hinted flavor but sends off an earthy pine tone when smoking.

Well know for those who do not want to indulge regularly in marijuana happiness It is also sometimes referred to as a brainy strain due to its mental effects that courses through creativity and productivity with a non-heavy physical start which will let you finish off what you have to in you day.

White Widow THC levels at 18%-28% are indicative of what type of high it brings. The alertness of the mind while having a calm and relaxed body feel which will allow you to do away with the awkward state once presented with an unexpected conversation or greetings. Smoke too much and expect your vision to get squirmy.

Durban Poison #3

A South African pure Sativa strain is known to be one of the most powerful strains around because of its cerebral and body numbing effects. A great flavor profile with an intoxicating scent of an anise spiciness blended with sweet lemon candy. Its genetics are the reason why it is compact in size and its trichomes are sticky in texture with orange pistils and green leaves.

Excellent for day time smoking that brings a clear-headed mind. Making you suddenly function both creatively and in social events. It also has a suppressing effect great for migraine, depression and.nausea.

Blueberry #4

A Hybrid Indica dominant that is award-winning. Its parent strains are also famous and widely known in the industry. The Purple Thai mixed with the Afghani resulting in a delectable strain that is not only beautiful looking but has features onlookers are looking for. Trichomes are oozing with resin and covered excessively with gold hairs and buds that have purple and blue shades. Its buds are sticky smells like berries hinted with earthy notes with pine, like a mouth-watering blueberry flavor.

This strain has remarkable effects, its potency and attributes are excellent and are brought about by Its THC level of 18.20 % that is physically and mentally relaxing plus may cause laziness. The long-lasting high gives patients benefits because of its high CBD content making it powerful for different pain relief caused by cancer and mental issues like insomnia. and depression.

Amnesia Haze #5

Its magnificent characteristics came from its descendants Jamaican Sativa and Afghani Hawaiian, an Indica-dominant. Has a well balanced Indica and Sativa characteristics. It has tightly-packed buds with rust-coloured pistils with leaves that have patches of green and yellow hues. It also has a unique taste and smell of a combination of lemon tangy, notes of wood and spiciness.

This has a great quality of psychoactive and cerebral high properties making its name misleading. Its high comes up immediately which leads to a sharpening of mental focus and alertness. Known to be a giggle strain because it will make you socially active with talkativeness and giggling vibes. It also brings up the improvement of the mood that inclines to positiveness.

A great strain for activities involving bodily motor skills and mental functioning. Because of its contribution to mental buzz, this strain is a great choice for depression and anxiety.

Girl Scout Cookies #6

A cross between the OG Kush and Durban Poison that is 60% American. The sweet smell of this fresh strain will definitely hit your senses. During smoking, it will show off a dessert taste in your mouth. Its buds are medium in size that have purple shades and purple leaves with orange hair trichomes that are very pleasant on the eyes.

Its CBD, CBN and THC levels make it a very potent strain for both recreational and medical uses. It brings a fast-acting yet long-lasting high popular among patients working to achieve well-being. This is very excellent for depression, stress, chronic pain and migraine. The munchies as expected will hit you dumb and will ensure your appetite is beyond everyone you are with.

If you are on a lookout for an inspiring, retrospecting or self-motivating thinking strain, then this is what you are looking for but once you pass the moderate mark and consume too much? Just cancel all your schedule as you will be nowhere else but on your couch or any available coach for that matter.

Grand Daddy Purple #7

A strain is popular for its outstanding aesthetics and its photogenic qualities. Its buds are fuzzy and dense which is purple and indigo shades with heavy resin coating on its trichomes with orange hairs. A mix of Big Bud A and Purple Urkle resulting in a smooth hashy mixed fruit flavor with a cerebral psychoactive kick that will level you off in both mind and body.

On top of the relaxation and overwhelming beginning, Grand Daddy Purple guarantees to leave you with happiness plus a euphoric feeling that is pleasant especially if with a small group. We recommend this and is widely in us for pain management like arthritis and muscle spasm as well as insomnia, stress and of course loss of appetite. This bad boy will definitely give you the munchies later on when you’re once the cruise control over your mind has disengaged. A fantastic strain that is definitely enjoyable for the heavy smokers and light weights alike.

Super Lemon Haze #8

Known for its super lemon flavor that is intense and fresh while packing a punch directly from the Haze and Skunk roots. It is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze that is Sativa-dominant strain.

As the name suggests, it delivers real lemony scents and flavor notes of candy lemon taste and sweet-tart mix. Very easy strain to identify due to its Christmas tree shape with buds that are solid and the leaves seem always balanced.

This strain offers a wide variety of cerebral and physical effects like mood enhancement, creativity appetite stimulation, and has the benefits that are great for anti-anxiety conditions as that brings total relaxation. Has an intense cerebral high that will let you zone out if you let it.

Afghani #9

A strain popular for its sturdiness which it inherited from its Landrace strain roots. A well balanced natural selection and human intervention. Has pale green medium size buds with orangey gooey resin coating on its trichomes.

Also popular for its distinct flavor and the aroma of diesel mixed with citrus is really something else. This can thrive both indoors and outdoors due to its resilience. Also, Afghani responds well to training and can be grown short and stout.

Its smoke is thick and harsh and delivers recreational goodness users enjoy. It has a guaranteed munchies effect that will jumpstart your appetite for real. It also brings this deep relaxation highness which will take you on cruise control which will drive you for a couple of hours but once this settles expect an intense sleepy feeling that will lock you on your couch. The sedative effects we highly recommend for the treatment of depression and PTSD.

Sour Diesel #10

A popular strain because of its effects, potency and distinct smell. A cross between two of the most famous strains ever the Skunk#1 and Northern Lights. As a result have a yellowish-green buds medium in size with red-haired pistils. Its buds aroma is quite overpowering like fuel.

First-time users are reacting to its taste and describe it as ammonia like which pricks the tongue. Pungent taste plus the smell creates this pleasant character.

It has an intense fast-acting mental effect that is excellent for those that have mood disorders. It has a stimulating effect on the mind with a calming feeling, plus the relaxation on both mind and body. If consumed moderately, it has a creative high that induces a thought flow with associative thinking good for creating ideas, but once you pass the line and consume more than moderate for you, then expect Sour D to take over as it may overpower and control you for the time being and this is both mind and body.