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It is a sound idea to combine the Top two potent-most varieties of Autoflowering marijuana strains! The final product is the Dwarf Low Flyer, a super strain Autoflowering marijuana plant.

What is this strain all about and Why is this gaining popularity so fast? Its genes are the secret.

 The Dwarf Low Flyer Strains?

Even before you start to plant, you must first understand that each strain of weed differs generally on its requirements for growth. We will try to know more about Dwarf Low Flyer strains and why it is quickly increasing popularity today.

This strain was made by a famous Canadian cultivator that developed the strain combining two very potent varieties of Autoflowering cannabis. A Sativa-dominant, therefore, it is a bit taller than most Autoflowers.

Identified by fans as one of the best plants to grow and is one of the fastest too. This is a recognized strain bringing intense amounts of resin while the seeds smell of strong odours that sometimes drives people away. When smoked, this strain kicks in moderately which will let you forget all your negative thoughts in your head. It is also a high-yield variety compared to other low Ryder strains.

Since it is an Autoflowering, just 45 days of growing gets this to its flowering phase. It grows to a moderate height at 50 to 60 cms, therefore, this is too suitable for indoor-stealth growth

From Seeds to Flowering -Dwarf Low Flyers 

Available in local seed banks or from online seed banks and shops, you can purchase Dwarf Low Flyer seeds. These seeds are ready to grow once they arrive or once you take these home.

Test your seeds for viability

Make sure that your seeds are viable and will germinate by doing these few simple steps.

(Test for firmness, appearance, smoothness, color and weight.)

    Seeds should be…
    • Round in shape
    • Moderately small in size
    • Dark in color & hues – (brown and black -good/green and white.- not good)
    • Firm and never compresses
        • Closed and never opens when pressed 
    • Smooth on the feel of its surface — free of creases, holes, dents, and openings
        • Never germinate or use open seeds or seeds with these formations.
    • Heavy and will sink in water. =These seeds have viable insides that will germinate.
        • Floating seeds are hollow and do not contain any viable material.

How to Germinate your seeds

Since you are now able to separate the viable seeds from the non-viable ones. It is time to germinate your seeds. Use the easy method and insert seeds inside a peat pellet. Before using, soak the peat pellets in the water at least for a couple of hours. This will expand the pellets and soften them so you can open it and place the seed inside. After doing this, seal the pellet on top by pressing gently.

In a small container with a small amount of water, place the pellets in and store this in a dark location. It may be inside a cupboard or a drawer.

Plant your seeds in your selected growing medium

With a sprouting seed, you will notice that the tiny roots are growing on your plant as well. Let these seedlings continue to grow more roots and leaves. Place this in these larger containers with water.

During its juvenile stage, you will see that there will be the growth of a couple of leaves on top and a developed root. This indicates it is time to transfer the plant into a growing medium of your choice. We will use soil.

Fill a pot with some sand-clay mix soil then water this until it flows out through the drains at the bottom of the pot. Dig a small hole in the middle that is deep enough to transfer the pellets

Fill the hole with the remaining soil and then water the plant once more. Place this under strong lighting. Whether you’re growing indoors or out, let the light illuminate on the plant for 24 hours or use a 20/4 light/dark schedule for optimum growth.

Take care of your Dwarf Low Flyer plants in the vegetative stage

Seedlings do not require added nutrients in the first 2 weeks of planting. It will initially get its nutrients from the remaining seed cotyledon and from the soil.

A week or two after, you can start feeding your plants with fertilizer mixes appropriate for the plant’s requirements during each phase. The mix should contain Nitrogen for plant growth, Phosphorus and potassium for other functions.

      Aside from nutrition, Monitor & Check the following.

    • pests 
    • nutrient deficiencies.
    • molds 
    • overwatering and underwatering. 
    • light burn 
    • humidity and temperature levels.

Improve plant health during the flowering stage

Continue performing these checks regularly. Note down the phase where the plant currently is to have this guide assist better. And because you have plants that are all females then there is nothing to worry about during the flowering stage.

        Just remember a few key things:
    • Once buds sprout, protect this from molds.
      • Mold and mildew can form inside the buds –
        • maintain low humidity by this time and avoid giving water when the soil is wet.
    • Continue the long lighting schedule until the flowering phase.
    • Use strong lighting still and closer to the plant leaves and not the buds.
    • Stop feeding 1 week before harvest. Just water with plain water. 
    • Support plants and buds with wooden pegs and wires.
      • If plants are tall or moderately tall – support
    • Check for pests regularly –
      • Remove pests using natural pesticides including neem oil. 

Harvest your plants

We now have come to the time all growers await for. Harvest time. Your Autoflowering Dwarf Low Flyer will now be ready to be harvested. You can tell if your plants are perfect for this step or not as of yet you can spot the following signifiers.

    • Darkening trichomes will become darker and darker as the buds become ripper and ripper.
    • Darkening pistils
      • yellow-orange in color but when buds are ready, it will turn golden to dark yellow-orange.

Have a good understanding of these indicators and you will naturally know if the time is perfect when to harvest the fruits of your labor.

Happy Smoking!