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It is undeniable, the Marijuana industry is growing exponentially every year. It is gaining more followers from those who opt for a natural alternative. Their search for a more efficient and effective option has to lead them in this direction. What is great about it is, Cannabis provides all-natural and herbal based products that have therapeutic benefits that are applicable to all sorts of health issues. All claims made today are backed up with legitimate medical studies. As the benefits are discovered, its positive results also unfold, creating an influx of believers that are unprecedented ever worldwide. There is no signs of stopping this industry from dominating all facets of life it chooses to belong to.

With its current trajectory, Cannabis growers and seedbanks are looking for new ways in growing Marijuana strains to make them faster, better and more efficient with an increase in number. As a result, the Feminized Seeds came to life.

Female Plants

The Feminized Seed is modified through its genetics to produce only female plants. Naturally, these seeds are capable to produce both sexes at random. But, by altering its genetic structures, a female plant can now produce male-like pollens through inducing. Consequently, further applications of this allow cultivators to produce seeds that conceive from an all-female chromosome process. The absence of the male creates a vacuum that only X’s exist. Which means, since no Y chromosome is around. It can almost guarantee that nothing but females will come out of it. This industry, specifically those that are part of the Medical Cannabis sector, is now enjoying a Cannabinoid-Rich plant that is highly sought for its effects and flavor.

Things You Need to Know with Feminized Seeds

1. Life without Males

Feminized seeds are able to sustain life without the need of a male. They are able to reproduce between them, the females. With the aide of maturity and controlled pollination, Its the direct answer of some earlier Marijuana Seedbanks that researched and developed methods of male chromosome elimination.

As widely known, the male plants are not only unproductive but also creates problems that affect other plants’ productivity. This is not Male biased writing but is merely an article that centers on presenting the best practices for a faster, better and bigger in number cultivation.

Females produce more and are naturally more potent. Due to controlled pollination, an all-female group can grow and develop on its own time frame and will not attempt to sync with the season. that is true for male plants. So growers can expect harvest that ensures the plant’s mature altogether all at the same time.

2. Friendly for New Growers

Feminized seeds are easier to grow, compared with regular seeds that are out in the market. When planting feminized seeds, there is no need to check which plants show signs of becoming males as no male chromosomes are present. So this is as close as you can get to a perfect score of 100% guaranteed pure female group composition.

As they grow, they will create better flowers and bigger buds which is what we look for. Every strain has qualities that differ from each other and the same goes with their flowers. Because of this, the feminized seed became an overnight success allowing strains that are only limited to the imagination.

3. Responsible for Growing Flowers and Buds

Feminized seeds take charge of making room for future flowers of strains. Which is highly essential for the development of newer Marijuana. In flowers, you will be able to check the strain’s attributes based on its composition, size and how it smells.

Likewise, an all-female group produces better buds than those grown in a 50:50 group composition with a male present. It is a proven fact that feminized plants can reach higher potency and concentrations. As a result of growing unregulated for a period of time, these plants also have less stressful occurrences due to eliminating the need to determine the sexes which require physical contact.

Consequently, considering all these strong properties of feminized seeds, its price is also as high in value as its treated like a commodity, unlike the regular ones.

4. More Expensive than the Regular ones

Its capability to reproduce without the need for male plants gives the feminized seeds a second-level attribute which is its total independence from seasons, overtaking the regular seeds due to their need to wait for their male plants to engage in pollination, which happens on its own time.

This is another reason why Feminized seeds cost more expensive than regular seeds. As to how high they are valued, they really come in strong and packs quite some special features. This may suck your budget dry so make sure to prepare and be ready for the long haul. But, don’t fret as the price comes with the efficiency which makes you more secure as by design it is intended to make things easier, better and bigger in number.

At an average price of $10 to $30 each depending on the strain and seed branding. We can check and review before we pick as an existing strain ranking of marijuana plants is readily available. By aiming at the high-quality strains, the more likely it will cost higher, However, going with a cheaper feminized seed does not mean it is low quality.

Take note, seeds feminized or not, through time and user feedbacks develops a reputation that can also factor in skyrocketing prices.

5. More Sensitive than the other Races

With all of the positive characteristics, we must accept that there will always be a downside. On that note, Feminized seeds tend to become too sensitive.

Avoid all physical contact as much as you can especially during the flowering phase as this can badly affect the flower quality and the future buds. Not only this, but It also hurts their system which derails it from its perfection driven internal tracks. For every stress applied, lesser high to expect and overall lower scores.

Just let the plant be, and allow it to do its magic and focus on what the plant needs from us and execute this in a precise and timely manner. Rest assured, your Feminized seed will bring you gifts when the time comes.

6. Unable to Reproduce Seeds

With what was developed, they can already dominate the game. But, sadly feminized seeds cannot reproduce by creating newer seeds. So if you want to keep a specific strain alive, you must equip yourself with proper cloning skills which are challenging. If you really want to produce seeds, then you will have to go back and have a male join in your composition.