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Out of three types, it’s quite difficult to evaluate what is easy to cultivate. It’s either the autoflower cannabis seeds which grow in a short amount of time, the feminized ones which often are the desirable seeds, or it could be the regular ones which are ordinary-looking yet still had its own complications.
Seeds are important in the growing phase of a typical plant or tree. It’s the pre-maturation stage where the plant is being conceived with life. It’s a critical phase where it needs guidance and care of the most.
Thus, most cannabis growers always take precaution on the seeds they buy on various seed banks. It should come from high-quality strains and should be viable for cultivation.
However, it’s hard to evaluate such qualities given only the appearance, color, and texture of the seed. That is why the best way to determine a particular seed’s growing capability is through knowing what type it is.
In this article, we’ll examine three of these types, the autoflower cannabis seeds, feminized, and regular seeds. Furthermore, we’ll determine which seed is ideal for growing in your place.

The Regular Cannabis Seeds

This type of cannabis seeds are your non-genetically enhanced seeds. These seeds are generally formed from the natural way of seed reproduction which is through breeding a male and female plant. It’s the basic and most primitive planting technique for cannabis. There are no scientific alterations on the genes nor artificial reproduction used on these types of seeds.
However, despite its ‘organic’ mantra, these seeds are highly discouraged by most cannabis growers. Mainly because of not having any assurances of their gender as this will not be readily identifiable.
As a cannabis grower, you’ll have to understand that only female cannabis plants produce buds. The male cannabis plants only have stamen or banana-like organs attached to a few of its stems which is the pollen sac.
The sad thing, you could not directly determine the plant’s gender until the vegetative state. So, you’ll have to risk the chances of getting a male plant when you’re planting regular seeds.
Though, these seeds are excellent for those beginners who just want to practice growing cannabis first as It not quite as expensive. It is great to learn cannabis in natural and alternative ways. Also, these are often used by breeders to create a new type of strain or produce more seeds.

Are Regular Seeds Easy to Grow?

Well, it depends on the type of strain you’ll use. Some strains grow fast and there are those who don’t. However, whichever strain it is, this type of seed is quite unreliable. If you’re a cannabis grower that only wants the buds, then it is best not to risk the chances of getting a male plant.

The Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The development of these types of seeds in the 90s has totally changed the outlook of the cannabis growing industry. It has resulted in an increase in the production and supply of cannabis, making it more available at a more convenient price.
This type of seed is genetically modified intended to fully eliminate all the male chromosomes with only the female ones left for use. Undergoing this alteration, the possibility of the seeds turning to male is becoming avoidable.
Since only female cannabis plants produce buds, planting purely feminized seeds assure growers that they will be able to get buds for use in smoking or vaping. Likewise, growers will never take any chances or probabilities that regular seeds have.
As expected, this type of seeds is much more expensive compared to regular seeds. However, they are generally preferable to prevent any unplanned pollination or hermaphroditism in the group.

Do ALL Feminized Seeds Produce Cannabis Flowers?

All feminized seeds generate buds or flowers. However, there are cases that the plant will turn into male unavoided. These types of plants refer to the ‘hermies’ or hermaphrodites. This condition is often a result of poor genetic makeup, stress, or lack of nutrients provided.
Thus, the importance of providing the necessary nutrients, lighting conditions, and water treatments for the plant for it not to resolve in transforming and becoming a male plant. Furthermore, one should always buy cannabis seeds from a reputable cannabis store to ensure that the seeds will not, later on, turn to a male plant.

The Autoflowering Cannabis seeds

Autoflowering strains have been gaining popularity among the cannabis community. These seeds take half the time it takes for regular ones to grow into a bud producing plants.
Automatic plants have the ruderalis plant genetic. The name comes from the word ruderal, which means a plant that can grow in areas that no other plant can thrive in. Ruderalis plant has adapted to the hazardous environment in the northern regions of Asia by shortening their growth cycle. This allows the plants to live long enough to produce offsprings.
The original plants have little to no THC content or their flowers barely have the same effects as dried bud strains. However, breeders see the beneficial traits of the ruderalis plant. They crossed the plant with different sativa and indica strains to create an autoflower plant that produces high-inducing buds.

Is it Easy to Grow Autoflowering Seeds?

Cultivating autoflowering plants requires the same kind of care that you give to the regular cannabis plant. Auto plants can grow their best when you plant them on a suitable medium with the proper aeration or air ventilation. Ventilation is important within a medium to transport oxygen and other gasses to the roots. It also allows for the drainage of excess water within the medium to prevent waterlogged roots.
Autoflowering plants also need the three basic nutrients that cannabis plants need for theirgrowth cycle. This includes nitrogen, which is important for the plant’s development of its branches and leaves. Without nitrogen, it will lack the structure to grow colas where the plant produces its buds. They also need phosphorus and potassium for various biological functions. This includes the production of their flower.
Autoflowering seeds are great for beginners because of its fast growth cycle. All automatic plants can enter the flowering phase regardless of the light schedule. Because of this you do not need to bother with photo exposure when cultivating these plants. Moreover, auto cannabis plants can receive more light throughout its flowering stage which allows the plants to produce quality yields.
The main selling point of any auto plant is its fast growth time. The average time of auto plants to grow from a seed to a harvest-ready plant is only around 8 to 12 weeks. This means that you will use less electricity and water when taking care of auto plants. Auto plants also do not need as much nutrient or fertilizers as photoperiod plants. You can save money in cultivating autoflower plants instead of regular cannabis.