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We are so fortunate today that there are now available strains that are dominantly Sativa that we can smoke yet still make us clear-headed, relaxed and productive.

We can do chore-like schemes at our backyard or swing by shows without being weird, but also not feel energetic or enthusiastic as Sativa can usually create.

On this page, we will share with you our Top 10 Autoflowering Sativa strains that are available today.

1. Lemon OG Haze

This strain does amazing and brings an excellent harvest on a standardized light period of 18 hours indoors. A variety that can deliver yields up to 325 to 425 grams square meter in just 6 to 8 weeks of growth from germination. As its name, this has a lemony, piney flavor which is the reason why it was named Lemon OG Haze, Smoking this will directly hit you into a mental alertness state and euphoria. With the right amount, this strain can jump start your way to productivity. Engaging the mind into contentment while lifting the body in a calm focus state. This will prick your tongue while doing a drag due to its grand THC balance.

2. White LSD

Most users of this marijuana variety claim they state they have an increase in artistry and feel contentment while they are smoking this weed. The high remains for hours. This is known as a reliable autoflowering seed. White LSD has a flowering season that is quick for this species. It can flower in as short as eight weeks from germination. This also brings excellent yield potentials, and if the conditions appropriate, this can breed indoor or outdoor. It has an intense cerebral effect that is long and potent, so users must be wise to clear their schedules before smoking White LSD.

3. Silver Bullet

A Sativa-dominant autoflowering seed that can develop any time of the year if the climate is moderate. This variety takes 70 days to mature from germination. Several users claim this marijuana variety smells earthy combined with a hint of lemon. It brings a luscious flavor and has a creamlike smoking event before it gets you high. Known to be a powerful one: which will soar and penetrate then will overflow so be ready for some intellectual conversations and bring progress to your plans.

4. Amnesia Haze

A Sativa developed to be an auto-flowering variant by a Dutch breeder, Haze. Users describe the high as pleasure sensations with happiness that enhance creativity, artistry and strength. It sends a stable, light smoke that doesn’t choke with a sugary kick. Amnesia Haze can provide a glorifying hallucinogen effect quickly and does not need waiting. This creates gummy and thick buds in 9 weeks from germination.

5. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is definitely a dream to cultivators who are looking for an easy-to-grow weed. This cannabis strain grows very quickly considering this is a Sativa-dominant. This is suitable to grow both indoors or outdoors. The strain brings an amazing taste which is sweet with berry hints that are comparable to blueberries.

A very new marijuana strain giving a gentle cerebral effect that will please both beginners and seasoned smokers. Relaxed feeling from head to toe after your first toke. Afterwhich is followed by a sense of euphoria and a positive outlook that makes you see the brighter side of things. So, while you’re on Blue dream, you will definitely feel high but not knocked off that you can still get things done in your day. The best of both worlds, like living in a dream!

6. Moby Dick XXL

Moby Dick XXL is a space greedy auto-flowering beast. Plants will usually grow extensively, and most will rise as high well over 1m. This Sativa-dominant auto requires around 11-12 weeks to reach harvest time. Outstanding leading in THC and flat in CBD makes this a perfect daytime strain. Users claim an extremely intense flavor that is woody with hints of citrus and pine. With high levels of THC content brings a potent psychoactive effect and delivers a strong and long mix of sensation both physical and cerebral.

6. California Snow

This strain kicks strong and firm start of a blast before getting the user into a carefree high. California Snow buds are so wrapped with resin that they seem to be like the summit of a snow-covered mountain top above a sunny California valley. Users claim It tastes like an apple pie with sour cream! It has a THC content of  19% and its CBD content is 1%. This strain will produce exquisite results in 8 weeks from germination

8. White widow

Auto White Widow Feminized seeds are a reliable option for growers because its properties save you time. You can enjoy the weed even sooner! This can harvest in 6-7 weeks from germination. This is suitable indoors or outdoors as it is compact in size. One of the easiest cannabis seeds to grow reason why this is very popular. With THC levels reaching up to 18%, the effect is similar to her big sister the White Widow. The brings a  great cerebral effects, with an uplifting high that is energetic. You will feel creative and sociable too.

For medical use, this can ease stress and sadness. Users claim a fresh pine flavor with a citrus aftertaste!

9. OG Kush

An autoflowering strain that has been a genetic donor in a wide variety of strains across the West Coast. This popularity is because of its easy, fast-growing, and quality bud attributes. At 7 to 9 weeks flowering period and brings an average of 250 to 350 grams per square meter yield. It brings a smooth and fruity flavor with hints diesel and lime. This gives you an energetic cerebral effect with a long-lasting physical stone. At full growth, this is still short in stature, making it an excellent choice for growers with limited space and time. Its true origin is a mystery and since it has been around since the early 90’s we may never really know the truth about this strain.

10. Train Wreck Autoflower

This strain can produce up to 250 grams per meter square in just around 8 weeks starting from germination. A strain of Spanish descent. The resin wrapped buds of this strain has a strong smell that is citrusy and peppery with flavors that are similar yet fruity. When smoked this really hits you like a train bringing a potent mind-bend kick that will give a euphoric feeling, happy, creative high. This is great for the treatment of Anxiety, stress and depression. It is also an effective pain reliever. The effects are very quick giving fast relief to medical users and also recreational users tend to get relaxed fast. Train Wreck is easy to grow and also easy to enjoy, with an easy finish It’s a perfect strain for socializing and use during the daytime.