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Greenhouses let you max out the yields of your autoflower plants. The structure protects your plants from the harsh outdoor environment while allowing them to bask under the sun.
Is it reasonable to cultivate auto seeds in Canada with a greenhouse? We will answer that question by looking at what is involved in using a greenhouse.

Benefits of Greenhouses

Many of the advantages of utilizing greenhouses come from cultivating Autoflower seeds outdoors. This includes having the sun as the source of light for your plants. You can save money by not using an indoor grow light to simulate daylight hours. This also lets you get high yields on strains that grow best outdoors.
The main reason for cultivating auto seeds in greenhouses is protection against several factors that can harm plants such as the rain. Rainwater is not as beneficial to plants as you might think. It lacks any nutrients and it washes away the essential vitamins and minerals from the soil. Severe rain conditions can also flood the soil and drown your plant’s roots.
Your Autoflowering plants are also safe from various pests while they are within the greenhouse. This includes insects and small animals that tend to eat plants. Also, you can keep beneficial insects within the house along with plants such as ladybugs.
Greenhouses can also keep the temperature of the plant’s surroundings at an ideal level. This extends the window you can grow your auto seeds in Canada.

Building a Greenhouse

Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes. They are not just limited to glass houses sitting behind someone’s backyard. A greenhouse can be as compact as a doghouse made from wood and plastic.
The first factor to consider is the place where your greenhouse will stand. This area should have enough sunlight exposure throughout the day. The location should also be hidden from anyone’s view, including your neighbors. Discreet cultivation is important to keep your Autoflower plants from becoming a target for criminals within the area.
One method of hiding your greenhouse is to construct a fence around it. Shrubberies and tall plants can also contribute as natural curtains that will keep the public’s eye from seeing your Autoflower plants. If you have limited space, consider using solid panel walls on your greenhouse. Sunlight can go through the translucent roof.


The next factor is the type of material for your greenhouse. Glasses are not ideal for what you want to achieve since these are expensive and are fragile. Plastic panels or even fiberglass panels are much better since these are light, durable, and cheaper. Also, these panels can efficiently spread the heat around like glass.
Frames can be made from steel or wood. Regardless of which material to pick, the frame needs to handle the panel’s weight. It must also be durable enough to withstand strong winds.
Since you are cultivating Autoflower plants, you only need a moderately sized greenhouse to accommodate the compact plants. Keep in mind that you will want to have an extra amount of space within the greenhouse for your plants. Space allows for better air circulation.


Autoflower plants benefit from a good airflow around them. Sufficient air movement allows the plants to exchange gasses or oxygen from the leaves while taking in carbon dioxide. Air can also keep the plants dry to prevent the growth of molds and other harmful microorganisms.
With airflow in mind, it is a good idea to have good ventilation for your greenhouse. This includes a revolving panel that you can open and close. Another way of giving your greenhouse sufficient ventilation is to use exhaust fans.

Considerations when Using the Greenhouse

The heat will be your primary concern when cultivating Autoflower in your greenhouse. Summer is when the temperature can be too much for the plants. This is where proper ventilation comes in for your greenhouse.
As we mentioned above, an exhaust fan is enough to force the hot air out of the enclosed space. If your greenhouse still gets hot, consider adding additional exhaust fans to your garden. Another option is to install a ducting system that draws in cool air from the outside and removes hot air from the inside.

Lighting Fixture

Lighting might likely be the last thing for you to consider installing in a greenhouse. You have the sun providing you free natural lighting. Besides, Autoflower plants do not need to follow the photoperiod schedule as regular plants.
On the other hand, light fixtures allow you to maximize the use of your greenhouse. It can provide longer daylight hours to your Autoflower plants during autumn. The fixture even allows you to cultivate cannabis plants at winter when nights are long and cold.
Greenhouses are a great way of growing Autoflower plants outdoors while keeping them protected from the elements. Building one yourself is possible due to the economically priced materials needed to make one.
Cultivating  Autoflower plants in greenhouses allow nearly anyone to enjoy the experience of building up their marijuana stash. Cannabis can bring out the best in people. Even Kirsten Dunst would agree since she said: “The world will be a better place when everyone smokes weed.”