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What do you get when you combine a prominent Big Bud with a Power Plant and add an automatic strain? The result of this three-way union is the Auto Pounder strain. This is an Indica-dominant Autoflowering strain with a delicious sweet fruity strain with impressive calming effects.

Another reason why this strain is one of the most popular is because of its huge yields. It can give you 450 grams per square meter yield when you grow your plants indoors while outdoor growing will give you so much more per plant! Imagine how much you’ll get when you use techniques to increase bud growth and yields?

What is Auto Pounder Strain?

Auto Pounder strain is an Autoflowering strain with Indica-dominant characteristics. It comes with a very potent, relaxing effect that will make you forget stress, worries, and all negative thoughts. It is not merely a recreational strain but is medicinal marijuana as well.

Aside from its fantastic effects, this strain grows small and compact making it perfect for growing cannabis in secret. If you live in an area with strict cannabis growing and consumption laws then you should consider cultivating a compact strain like the Auto Pounder strain.

Where did Auto Pounder come from?

Auto Pounder strain was created by combining a Big Bud and a Power Plant. These are two very prominent strains each with their impressive characteristics.

The Big Bud is a legendary, high-yielding hybrid strain. It was made by a Dutch breeder in the 80s but remains to be undefeated when it comes to its recreational and medicinal strain. Big Bud has an earthy aroma and a strain with an impressive yield.

Meanwhile, the strong Sativa known as Power Plant is fast-growing, with big buds. This strain can flower fast in just 7 to 9 weeks, therefore, it’s a strain that is perfect for people who want high-yielding, quick-flowering plants.

Together, these strains have created a potent Autoflowering cannabis plant that can give you large yields.

What are the Effects of Auto Pounder Strain?

Auto Pounder is an Indica-potent strain which means it has dominant relaxing effects. You will feel calm, relaxed and ready to do almost anything when you consume this strain. If you feel very stressed and anxious, this strain can help calm you down.

Some people who have used Auto Pounder before recall this strain’s fruity smell that accompanies its strong and stony high. Many recommend this strain for weekend relaxation and for downtime because of its effective relaxing effects.

Can you use the Auto Pounder strain as a Medical Strain?

Consumers once thought that THC strains will never be a good therapeutic strain however this has been proven to be a myth. Auto Pounder strain comes with a very high THC content which has been seen to be effective for pain and inflammation. You can be free from headaches, muscle pains and muscle strains naturally with Auto Pounder strain.

Anyone can consume this strain and put an end to insomnia and sleeplessness. This will help handle stress and anxiety as you forget your worries and all negative emotions with this auto strain.

Are there Side Effects to Expect with this Strain?

Auto Pounder has impressive recreational and medicinal effects but it’s still not free from side effects. Take note that although there are side effects when you consume Auto Pounder, these are not dangerous, life-threatening effects.

You can expect to feel dry mouth and dry eyes when you use this strain. These two side effects are from high THC levels of the strain which causes an increase in blood flow in all the areas of the body.

Dizziness, slight anxiety, and headaches may also be experienced due to its high THC content. You may experience reduced side effects by taking only a moderate dose. And as you take this daily, expect its effects to gradually become less and less prominent.

What is the taste and smell of Auto Pounder plants and buds?

The taste and smell of Auto Pounder strain are very distinct. It smells like sweet fruit which can actually enhance its relaxing effects. You will immediately smell this nice fruity smell the minute you crush its buds.

Smoke this in a bowl or in a blunt and you’ll feel a deep strong smell that will remain in your mouth and nose even hours after you take this strain.

How do you Grow Auto Pounder Plants?

Auto Pounder is an Autoflowering strain that can grow indoors or outdoors so consider the ideal area where you will cultivate your plants.

Consider that indoor growing will let you monitor your Auto Pounder strain better and defend it from mould and pest. This strain can grow moderately-large buds that are susceptible to mould growth, therefore, you must maintain the ideal humidity levels inside your growing area.

Stealth growing

Because of its Autoflowering characteristics and strong Indica lineage, this strain grows small with a compact body and built. This size and shape make it an ideal strain for growing secretly at home.

So expect this strain to grow even in small, cramped spaces including cabinets, tents, inside buckets and in grow rooms.

Outdoor growing advantages

If you can grow Auto Pounder strain outdoors then go for it! This is the best way to grow more buds and to grow larger buds for better yields.

To cultivate Auto Pounder strain outdoors, choose from planting it directly in soil or using a pot. If you choose to plant it directly from the ground, make sure to have your soil tested first. This must be conducive to growing cannabis starting with a normal pH of 6.6.

Plant your seeds in a shaded area in your garden and not directly under the sun. Your plants need light but direct light can dry it up and burn its leaves.

If growing in a pot, choose a large pot with adequate holes at the bottom. Use sandy-clayey soil to grow your plants inside a pot. Place the pots in a shaded area outdoors as well and never under direct sunlight.

What Auto Pounder Plants need when it comes to nutrition?

Your precious Auto Pounders need the best nutrition according to what life stage these plants are in. During the vegetative stage, your plants are growing actively and these need fertilizer and supplements rich in nitrogen.

Nitrogen enhances leaves, stems and branches growth which will support the growth of larger and denser buds. Nitrogen will also help improve plant health. But during the flowering stage, your plants won’t need nitrogen anymore because it will cease growing and concentrate instead on making buds.

During the flowering phase, choose fertilizer mixes with more potassium and phosphorus, nutrients that your plants need so that these will grow larger buds and improve yields.

Should you use homemade fertilizer mixes to feed your auto Pounder plants? It would be best to follow a tried and tested formula in commercial cannabis fertilizers. This makes sure that you feed your plants the right nutrients and avoid very costly mistakes.

Training your Auto Pounder Strains

These plants are known to provide huge yields but you can still improve this by using special training techniques. One such technique is the screen of green method or the SOG. This method uses a screen to keep the plant’s height equal and to avoid plants from developing a single cola where only one bud grows.

The SOG keeps the plants in equal height and allows buds to pass through or grow through the screen. These buds will receive more light considering that more light equals big yields.

Aside from SOG, you may also use topping and fimming, two high-stress techniques to train your plants. Topping is cutting a few millimetres from the base of the bud to reveal two nodes, each node growing a bud. Fimming, on the other hand, is similar to topping but the cut will be made immediately below the bud base to reveal four nodes. Each of these nodes will grow a bud.

All these techniques will dramatically improve your garden’s yields. And to guarantee success, train only healthy plants. These are plants with no issues, are growing new leaves and stems and are drinking well.

Important growing information

Genetics – Indica-dominant Autoflowering strain
Parents – Big Bud, Power Plant and Ruderalis strain Auto 1
THC content – medium
CBD content – unknown
Smell and flavour – fruity and sweet
Effects – calming, body-buzz and relaxed
Growing difficulty – easy to grow
Flowering – 10 weeks
Yield – 450 grams per square meter indoors, large yields per plant outdoors
Height – 60- 100 cm
Where to Purchase Quality Seeds
You can only get the best quality Auto Pounder seeds when you buy from a legit online seed bank and also from a reputable seed bank near you.

Be sure to read reviews and to ask around if you are not familiar with shops and seedbanks that sell this strain. Avail of good deals and discounts to get the best value for your money when you buy Auto Pounder.