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Autoflowering cannabis strains are a delight for growers who want fast-flowering, quick harvesting, and compact-sized plants. Possibly one of the most exciting strains to be made as an autoflowering strain is Candy Kush. Auto Candy Kush is a strain that comes with the powerful psychedelic body high. It is a small plant, barely 60 cm in height but comes with a high THC content. If you are looking for a high-yielding plant with strong effects then you should try Auto Candy Kush.

What is Auto Candy Kush?

Candy Kush autoflowering was made through the collaboration of West Coast’s finest Kush varieties. Many cannabis breeders have tried to create the perfect autoflowering Candy Kush but so far only a few have succeeded.

Auto Candy Kush is has a sweet flavour that is very easy to grow. It is ready to flower in just 65 days from the time the seed has germinated. This plant will remain small despite achieving a mature age. It grows into a dense plant with tight buds which will yield high.

Another reason to consider Auto Candy Kush is, its high THC and CBD content making it an ideal recreational and medicinal strain. Perfect use for its relaxing high and at the same time for the relief of medical conditions such as headaches, muscle pains, and strains and insomnia.

Where did Auto Candy Kush come from?

As mentioned, there are a number of breeders that have tried their hand in cultivating the best Candy Kush auto-flowering variety but only a Canadian company was able to succeed. The breeder used the genetics of an OG Kush and an Auto Pounder, two knockout strains.

OG Kush is a Florida native that was initially grown in the 1990s. Known as the “genetic backbone of West Coast weed” because of its potent and established effects. It comes with a terpene profile that has smells of complex skunk, spice, and fuel. OG Kush offers relaxed, euphoric and uplifting effects which are useful for the relief of stress, pain, and insomnia.

Meanwhile, Auto Pounder is an indica-dominant strain that provides a deep, stoning high that makes it the best for relaxing. It comes with a high THC content that may not be suitable for first-time users. It is auto-flowering, easy to grow but can take 10 weeks to flower.

These two impressive strains have given life to Auto Candy Kush, a strain that growers and recreational users may be looking for.

What are the Recreational Effects of Auto Candy Kush?

Candy Kush autoflowering strain is indica-dominant hence it has a prominent relaxing high. The effects are strong which will give you a body-centered high. Its high THC content is a sign that warns new users. If you are new to this strain or new to using any high THC strains then you must look elsewhere.

But if you just wish to try this strain out, use only a moderate dose. And as with most potent strains, smoking this in a bowl or vaporizing its rich THC oils will instantly take effect leaving you to couch-locked. Consuming Auto Candy Kush in the edible form will take longer to take effect but be careful not to overdose.

Can you use this Auto-flowering Strain as Medical Marijuana?

Not too long ago, cannabis consumers believed that high THC strains are too powerful to provide any medicinal effect. However, this was disproved by many users who revealed that despite their high psychedelic effects, THC strains also come with several impressive therapeutic effects.

Auto Candy Kush has strong psychoactive effects that can block out the pain. This analgesic effect is very strong which will relieve headaches, chronic pain, muscle pains, muscle strains, and post-operative pain.

Its strong relaxing effects will help people who are suffering from insomnia. Therefore, if you have struggled with sleep and you just want to get back to your usual 6 to 8-hour sleep routine then this strain could get you back to your routine.

Are there Side Effects of Auto Candy Kush Strain?

Because of Candy Kush autoflower’s high THC content, expect some common side effects. You can experience dry mouth and dry eyes upon the use of this strain. You will also experience restlessness, headaches and slight paranoia especially if you are a novice consumer.

These side effects are indeed quite strong but none of these are too dangerous or life-threatening. Therefore, the key to enjoying this strain is to never overindulge and to just ride the high. Once you are used to its negative effects, you’ll be able to find this an enjoyable recreational strain.

What do Auto Candy Kush Smell and taste like?

The smell of Auto Candy Kush is likened to caramel. It’s sweet and at the same time slightly bitter. You’ll also enjoy the caramel sweetness of Candy Kush auto even after you have consumed it. The taste and flavor may linger on and will remain in our senses for a short while.

How do you grow Auto Candy Kush?

One of the highlights of this review is revealing how growers perceive Auto Candy Kush considering that it is not a mere ordinary strain. People who have had the opportunity to grow this auto-flowering strain agree that not only is this strain easy to grow but it’s worth all your hardships.

It yields high despite its compact size and height. Therefore, it is a strain fit for discrete growing wherever you are located.

The Ideal Growing Medium and Area

Candy Kush auto plants are easy to grow and this may be grown indoors, outdoors and also inside greenhouses. Although this auto strain may prefer warm climates, you may still cultivate this indoors as long as you maintain its ideal growing environment.

Most growers prefer indoor growing because this strain’s size makes it a perfect candidate for stealth growing. You may grow up to five plants even in a small indoor growing area like a grow cabinet or a tent.

Growing outdoors also has its perks though. You will not just maximize your Auto Candy Kush plants’ growth potential but will also enhance the taste and aroma of your buds.

Controlling Potent Smells

Although not as prominent, the smell of sweet caramel from Auto Candy Kush’s buds can turn into a powerful odor when the smell of these plants is not controlled. You must do all you can to counter the smell of these plants especially when you are growing indoors in an apartment building or small space.

Usually, using powerful fans and carbon filters will help remedy this. You can also control the smell by growing only a few plants however this will greatly affect your yield.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

Compact and small plants like the Auto Candy Kush can create an ecosystem of its own inside its plant canopy. When moisture becomes trapped in this area, it can encourage mold or mildew to grow and this is dangerous if overlooked.

Mold can stay inside the small buds and can eat your precious weed. This can greatly affect your yield! So to prevent this from happening, prune your plants starting from the larger fan leaves located at the bottom.

This is a very easy task that a grower needs to do to avoid mold growth. You may also open doors, water only when the soil is dry to make your growing area mold-free.

Most Common Grower Problems

Having pests is the most common problem that Auto Candy Kush growers may experience. Insects such as spider mites, grasshoppers and crickets can eat your plants inside out. The small Auto Candy Kush is no match to insects, therefore, you must be diligent and inspect your plants daily. Any small nibble on the leaves, half-eaten leaves, and falling leaves may already be a sign of pests.

And to remove pests, use only organic pesticides. Very strong pesticides can ruin the delicious caramel taste and aroma of this auto strain. More so, using pesticides can be dangerous to humans, other animals, and plants in your garden.

Cost of growing Auto Candy Kush

Auto Candy Kush is not just an autoflowering plant but is also a feminized strain. This means that it is one of the most expensive strains in a shop or seed bank. But the money you’ll spend on buying seeds, as well as supplies and growing equipment, will be augmented by its high yield.

Is Auto Candy Kush worth Growing?

All automatic strains are worth growing because these won’t require much to grow. You don’t need to spend a lot on supplies and equipment since these will flower fast. You will also get good yields as long as you provide it with the growing climate it needs to grow healthy.

Auto Candy Kush offers more than the average THC, comes with good yields and has powerful therapeutic effects on pain and insomnia as well. What more could you ask for in an autoflowering marijuana strain?