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These days, cannabis is one of the fastest-growing commodities worldwide. This is all mainly because of how several countries and states are now legalizing and accepting its use for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

In line with that, many people are now growing their own cannabis seeds. Among many strains, the Autoflowering seeds are fast becoming popular. Furthermore, one, in particular, that is among the most popular is Auto AK seeds.

What is Auto AK?

Auto AK is a hybrid Autoflowering strain with Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis genetics. It is actually the Autoflowering variant of the Pure AK, which is a good Sativa and Indica hybrid. It comes from the genetics of the Skunk family tree and has been one of the more popular strains since it was first introduced in 2010.

Meanwhile, the Auto AK was the result of crossbreeding Pure AK’s genetics with the ever-popular original Autoflowering strain Lowryder to create an automatic version of the Pure AK. It maintains most of the original Pure AK’s properties but comes with the Autoflowering capabilities that breeders today want their cannabis strains to have.

Why Should you Grow Auto AK Seeds?

Since Autoflowering strains are now rapidly growing in popularity. There are plenty of good reasons for you to choose Auto AK as your Autoflower plant of choice:

1. It is Autoflowering

Of course, this is the most basic reason why you should go for Auto AK seeds. As previously mentioned and as the name suggests, it is an autoflowering variant of the popular Pure AK. That means that it will always transition from the vegetative state to the flowering phase regardless of the number of light and dark hours it gets.

So, on your part, you do not have to monitor or check how many light and dark hours the plants get for them to flower. All you have to do is to wait because Auto AK will eventually flower when it gets to a certain size or age.

2. It is great for stealth growers

Autoflowering strains are popular for their small sizes. The great thing about Auto AK is that it tends to continue the trend and stays particularly short. That means to rest assured they will not grow up to towering figures when grown outdoors. You can be as stealthy as you can even when these strains are grown indoors because of how they can easily be hidden.

3. They germinate quickly

For novice growers, germinating cannabis seeds can be quite tricky especially if the strain you are trying to germinate is notoriously slow. However, Auto AK is different because they germinate faster than most strains. In that sense, you do not have to wait for days for that white taproot to sprout out of the seed as this strain only needs about a day or two to show signs of life.

4. They save you space

Auto AK plants, as mentioned, are small and short. If space is a major issue for you as either an outdoor or indoor grower, then Auto AK is the answer to your problem. You will see that this plant does not take up a lot of space in your garden or in your grow room/tent.

5. You can grow them either outdoors or indoors

Most cannabis strains are rather choosy when it comes to where they should be grown. Indicas are known to prefer cold climates while Sativas are the ones that enjoy tropical and warm regions. But because Auto AK has the genetics of not only Indicas and Sativas but also Ruderalis, these seeds can be grown practically anywhere regardless of the climate. That means that you have a choice of growing them either outdoors or indoors depending on the situation and on your preference.

6. Its buds carry an enticing blend of earthiness and spice

While some people prefer strains that have that fruity kind of touch in their scents, the lovers of the classic marijuana strains would love Auto AK because it retains the earthy and musky kind of fragrance that made Pure AK popular. This kind of an earthy scent carries a spicy undertone that can also display hints of fruitiness underneath.

7. They are easy to grow

Another reason why Autoflowering strains and Pure AK are popular is that they are easy to grow. Autoflowering cannabis tends to withstand any kind of bad weather and most adverse factors such as pests, molds, and diseases. The same can be said about Pure AK. Because of this genetic diversity, Auto AK is a strain that is just as resilient and as hardy as its parents. That means that it is generally easy to grow and can be good for beginner growers.

8. Its THC levels are reasonably high

In the past, one of the common reasons why Awering strains were seen as novelty plants was that they did not have high THC levels. In that sense, experienced users and lovers of potent buds did not enjoy whatever THC levels Autoflowering strains could offer.

But times have changed. Auto AK is a part of the new breed of Autoflowering strains that actually have moderate to high levels of THC. So if you are looking for Autoflowering seeds that can be potent, then Auto AK is the answer for you.

9. It starts out with a quick heady high

Thanks to its Sativa side, Auto AK tends to start off rather quickly by hitting your head with a euphoric and calming kind of high. This buzz will keep you in a good mood as the best of thoughts and ideas race through your head to provide you with happy vibes. You do not even have to wait for these effects to manifest because they will hit you right away after the first toke.

10. The high works its way to the body to provide a relaxing effect

Since Auto AK is still Indica-dominant. The high that starts from the head will work its way to the rest of your body. To give you the classic Indica effect that stoners love. This will bring about a relaxing kind of vibe that envelopes your entire body. Until it feels lazy and heavy. At this point, you will feel your entire system feeling stoned and relax as you enjoy the calming mix of the euphoric and sedating effects that come with Auto AK.