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It is fact that, in order to get the maximum yield possible for every grow, you must ensure a 100% female-only population each and every time. We need not explain this further as we are pretty confident that you hold enough background knowledge on this, the reason that you are now here visiting our website. And yes! It is true, there is indeed a guaranteed way to make this happen and it is now in your control only if we wish it or not.

We are a specialized team of cannabis cultivation professionals who have come together to create access for everyone interested to learn, grow and enjoy the special provisions of this human breakthrough. We have several growers, breeders, experimental scientists and lab technicians who provide their services and inputs to develop a portal to which we can confidently showcase this phenomenon.

The feminized marijuana seeds as it is known is something that we always hear about yet we understand so little of. To paint a bigger picture of it, this is a cannabis plant that expert breeders have modified genetically to eliminate the male chromosome for a few very crucial reasons which we will go through soon.

Firstly, only female plants develop the crop that cannabis offers or to simply put it. The reason why we grow marijuana is for the buds and only females can provide what we are looking for. Secondly, females are only able to perform our first reason with maximum output and efficiency if they are allowed to without getting fertilized. What this means is if a female who is developing its buds gets pollinated, then expect a lower yield. That is a fact. Last but not least is if you are familiar with the growing process. It is impossible for anyone even experts to determine the sex of the plant while it is still a seed. By saying this, to ensure we maximize reason one and to avoid reason two, then we would have to be constantly looking out for signs of a male and to act as quickly as we can to find them and get them away. But, at this point, not only did we waste our efforts in finding them, but also the time and space that they have used up which will be deemed useless as the only sensible thing to do at this point is to take them away. Plus, during the time we keep on checking the plants if they are already identifiable of their sex. it is almost certain that human contact was made to get a better look, which is a big no-no in growing as this will cause them stress. Did you know excessive stress can push the plant to change its sex? This only means another problem.

Feminizedmjseeds.com is a dedicated website that is centred on only one type of Cannabis. But, since this does not occur naturally and humans do have a massive influence in this process of creating this phenomenon. So, it is safe to say that all strains, variety and phenotypes identified or not are probable candidates to undergo this genetic make-up. We are only left with our imagination of what the possibilities are ahead of us. This allows beginners to become winners when it comes to producing acceptable yields. Also, it allows farmers to become a mass producer as this can efficiently allocate resources to whichever crop they prefer.

On these pages, you will find a wide array of materials, from information to step by step guides about Marijuana. We even have materials for those who are interested in creating their own feminized seeds as we want more and more of this little miracle to spread out. Finally, we try to be neutral when it comes to all breeders and cultivators so we only allow those that are proven to be trusted sellers to be visible on our website. This is only to provide our readers who get interested in growing but do not have the time to feminize their own seeds good leads on where to purchase these special high-quality seeds.