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The Chemdog or Chemdawg is a popular hybrid that has a mysterious origin. Its strain is also popular for having a strong chemical smell and near-psychedelic high when you take a hit of it.

Various aspects of the Chemdawg are quite intriguing for anyone in the cannabis community. This includes the feminized marijuana seeds of the Chemdog. Here are 10 interesting facts about the Chemdawg to help you see why the strain has built a reputation among many marijuana users.

1.) No proven lineage parents

Many claim that the Chemdog’ s lineage includes the popular Nepalese and Thai landrace strains. This is understandable since these two landraces were popular among marijuana breeders in the US. However, no one can confirm if Chemdog came from the union of Thai and Nepalese strains.

2.) Grateful Dead connection

While the parents of the Chemdog is a mystery, the strain’s origin is connected with the Grateful Dead band. The story goes that a group of marijuana breeders followed the band during a tour. These breeders were selling a strain they call ‘Chem Bud’ due to the diesel fuel smell during the band’s show.

One of the people who bought the ‘Chem Bud’ happens to be a breeder. He lucked out upon seeing that the bud he got from the group contained several seeds. Without wasting opportunity, the breeder went back to the East Coast and started germinating the seed. The breeder picked the best phenotype among the seeds and used a stabilizing process through his breeding program. The result is the Chemdog that we all know and love.

3.) Two Mothers

The lineage of the strain is unknown. However, we do know that the feminized marijuana seeds of the Chemdog came from two mothers. Feminized seeds have a genetic code that gives it a near 99 percent chance of turning into a female plant. This code is the result of making a female plant produce pollen to fertilize another female plant.

One of the ways to make a female plant produce pollen is to expose it to colloidal silver. The substance chemically encourages the plant to grow pollen sac instead of calyxes. Another method is to stress a female plant to produce pollen. This method usually involves leaving it alone past its flowering period and not harvesting the bud. Female plants will make a last-ditch effort to pollinate their buds.

4.) Chemical Aroma

As the name suggests, Chemdog buds have a signature chemical smell. The smell is like that of gasoline or diesel as if the bud went through a fuel tank. Even the plant gives off the powerful chemical odor. This is something for you to take note of if you plan on cultivating the seeds outdoors.

The taste of the smoke is a different story. You get a sour and earthy aroma that crawls around the middle of your tongue upon inhaling the smoke. When you exhale the smoke, ammonia-like taste replaces the sour aroma.

5.) Psychedelic High

Many marijuana users have been showing interest in the Chemdog’s psychedelic high. Smoking the strain will make you see your surrounding in a better light. Your sense of sight and sound becomes incredibly sensitive. You will be able to hear the faintest sound three rooms away from you. This effect is great to be under in while watching old movies or listening to your favorite music. The change in your perspective of the world will make many things seem new.

6.) Increased Creativity

Taking the Chemdog will not only make you incredibly blissful, it will also unlock your creative side. You will feel like a door to your wildest imagination broke down after smoking the strain. This effect is amplified with the psychedelic high that the Chemdog delivers. You can easily come up with fascinating stories for a book or a song for your band.

7.) Highly Talkative

Socialistic behavior is another interesting effect of the Chemdog on your body. You will feel like striking a conversation with anyone in the room with you or in the same house. The increase in your creativity will also help you find different topics to chat about with other people. You will be interested in anything other people have to say while you are riding the blissful cloud of the Chemdog.

8.) Relaxed, but not Sleepy

The Chemdog has an effective relaxing buzz that runs across your body. This takes place at the start of the high. You will feel your muscles have the consistency of goo as your body becomes heavy overtime. It is interesting how the sedative nature of the Chemdog will not make you succumb to drowsiness. In the end of the high, you will still enjoy the rest of the strain’s sativa effect such as the heightened perception, creativity, and talkativeness.

9.) High Yielding

The Chemdog plants are one of the highest yield hybrid strains in the market. You can expect a yield rate of around 65 to 75 grams per square meter when harvesting the plant. It also has an average flowering period of up to nine weeks.

You can further improve the yield rate of your Chemdog feminized seeds by using the screen of green method. This involves using a screened canopy on top of the plants and weaving the branches around the screen. This results in multiple colas among the plants.

10.) Appetite Booster

Chemdog can give you an incredible case of the munchies after smoking it. Plus it can ease away nausea that is preventing you from keeping your food down after eating. Both of these straits are incredibly useful for people undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious conditions. The boost in appetite can help you regain a normal nutrient intake. It can keep you healthy and prevent your muscles from wasting.


As seen from the 10 facts about Chemdog, the feminized version of the strain is something you would want to grow in your grow room. It is why many marijuana users who went to wonderful places with the strain will still keep on using the Chemdog. You can easily recreate those psychedelic trips with the availability of the feminized version of Chemdog seeds .